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Strategic Projects

Executing a wide spectrum of strategic projects for educational organizations.

A young company that has the privilege of working with an experienced team, we bring a wealth of market knowledge and expertise to the table.

We enjoy an excellent rapport with high schools, education counselors and industry experts in India and understand the needs of the students in the Indian subcontinent. Leverage our experience to help you meet the right audience.

For strategic projects, leverage our operational expertise for successful outcomes.

Lead Qualification

Work with a team of experienced education counsellors to complete level 1 lead qualification. Collaborate with us to finalize the parameters to be covered for the lead qualification process. Strengthen your enrolment pipeline by focusing on qualified leads.

Lead Nurturing

Engage with us for a longer time frame; get education counsellors to nurture your prospects till the application stage.

For lead nurturing projects, our counsellors get in-depth training and become intimately familiar with your application checklists and key application milestones.

Students are counselled for a longer duration and are provided help to submit complete applications.


‘Managed’ Events

Organize physical or virtual events for your institute and engage with students in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Experiential Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Managed Education Fairs
End-to-end solution that encompasses all the key elements:
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Pre-screening
  • Counsellor & Institutional Outreach
  • Marketing & PR
  • Event Execution

Due Diligence Checks

Verify whether application and visa documents comply with required regulations and your admission guidelines. Work with a team of experts and get a detailed report for each candidate. Check whether the candidates are genuine and whether they comply with regulations issued by your country.

Customize a solution for your institute.

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