Zista provides customized solutions to educational organizations and enables them to grow in the Indian subcontinent. We’re driven by passion and excellence.

Our services:
  • In-Country Representation: A dedicated representative in the field who works towards predefined business goals
  • Focused Education Expos: Subject-specific education events that add value to all stakeholders
  • Digital Marketing: High impact campaigns for universities, higher education institutes & service providers
  • Strategic Projects: Time-bound projects that let you engage with students, counselors or alumni

Special emphasis is laid on timely execution and ownership of the outcomes that we want to achieve for our partners and clients. Our holistic approach differentiates what we do and how we operate.

Zista works with a talented, positively-charged team, that collectively possesses 227 people-years of education counseling experience, and has positively impacted 2 million+ students in the Indian subcontinent.

Team members have access to in-house tools, mentorship and guidance to succeed in their respective roles. They adopt a counseling approach in all student interactions, and give unbiased advice to students, parents and counselors.

A simple principle guides us at all times – add value to all stakeholders.

Driven by values

Simple values that everyone can relate to - our team, our partners and our students.
  • Be honest and unbiased.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Be diligent. Deliver on time.
  • Delight your students. Delight your partners.
  • Respect people. Respect the environment.

Introspection makes us stronger

When we work towards an output or execute a project, we ask ourselves questions like:
  • Is this innovative?
  • How can we collaborate with our partners to make this better?
  • What can be done to truly delight students?