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In this episode, Mr. Sarosh Daruwalla dives deeper into the question of whether it is worth obtaining a hospitality degree in today’s job market. Mr. Daruwalla has worked with leading hotel and restaurant brands, and currently plays the role of Country Head for Les Roches, Glion and Ecole Ducasse.

Welcome to The Zista Podcast!

Hospitality is a fast-growing industry that is seeing increased demand recently, especially with the evolving nature of the industry. Many students are on the fence about whether a degree in hospitality is the right choice for them. In this episode of The Zista Podcast, the host Mr. Amit Ahuja interviews Mr. Sarosh Daruwalla, Country Head for Les Roches, Glion, and Ecole Ducasse to shed some light on this burning question.

Key takeaways:

  • Hospitality degrees offer various career opportunities, catering to your interests, such as hotel management, event planning, and tourism.
  • Hands-on experience through internships and work-study programs is highly valued in the hospitality industry.
  • Pursuing a hospitality degree helps build a professional network, providing valuable industry connections that can open up exciting opportunities and aid in career advancement.

Q: What makes a career in hospitality worth considering?

Today, a career in hospitality is critically important for students to consider as it offers a wide range of opportunities. The hospitality industry is the second largest employer in the world and continues to grow. Hospitality is not just limited to hotels and restaurants but extends to a wide range of industries, including events, luxury retail, luxury brand management, international event management, real estate, airlines, and social media marketing. The skills learned in a hospitality degree, such as business skills, analytical skills, and operational skills, are highly transferable and make the individual employable across a wide range of service industries.

Q: What makes a hospitality degree unique compared to a business degree?

A hospitality degree offers a unique combination of a business degree and a profession. Hospitality students learn not just business skills but also soft skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills. In addition, the degree includes internships and hands-on experience, which elevates the individual’s profile compared to just having a business degree.

Q: Are there opportunities for entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry presents a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurship, such as starting your own hotel, restaurant, food service, kitchen equipment supply, interior design, beverage distribution business, and more. With the growing trend of new-age entrepreneurs focusing on businesses related to hospitality, the career opportunities in this industry are endless.

In conclusion, a hospitality degree offers a unique combination of a business degree and a profession, making it highly employable. The industry presents a wide range of opportunities for both professional careers and entrepreneurship, making it an option worth considering for students.

Podcast Host: Amit Ahuja, Associate Director, Communications & Digital, Zista Education
Podcast Guest:  Sarosh Daruwalla, Country Head, Les Roches, Glion and Ecole Ducasse
Video & Audio Editing: Raj Soni, Communications Associate, Zista Education
Podcast Manager: Russel Aldridge, Sr. Manager, Creative & Digital, Zista Education
Podcast Transcript: Tanya Kakka, Freelance Copywriter