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Demystifying the Startup Hustle – Part 1

Demystifying the Startup Hustle – Part 1

Welcome back to The Zista podcast. Today, we venture into the intricate world of startups, a domain that’s often discussed and yet remains, at times, elusive in its true essence.

With us today is Dhaval Thanki. Spanning an impressive 18-year journey across tech, digital SAAS, and analytics, Dhaval’s expertise is undeniable. Currently the Executive Vice President at Loginext, he stands at the junction of hands-on experience and strategic foresight.

As we explore today’s topic, we’ll touch upon Dhaval’s perspective on young graduates making their foray into the startup space. We’ll also seek his advice for students contemplating their own startup ventures. In essence, this episode promises an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem, unveiling the intricacies and opportunities that lie within.

Join us as we journey with Dhaval Thanki, shedding light on the world of startups!

Welcome back to The Zista Podcast! On today’s episode, “Demystifying the Startup Hustle,” we’re pulling back the curtain on the dynamic startup ecosystem, giving listeners a comprehensive understanding of its operations and the opportunities it holds.

Joining our conversation is Dhaval Thanki, a distinguished professional with an extensive 18-year journey in the tech, digital SAAS, and analytics sectors. Dhaval’s contributions have been significant in the success of many startups, and he currently holds the position of Executive Vice President at Loginext, a recognized leader in its domain.

As we navigate this conversation, we’ll tap into Dhaval’s experiences to address the hurdles fresh graduates might face as they step into the startup scene. Moreover, we’ll seek his advice for those aspiring to pave their own startup paths.

For those poised at the crossroads of startups, pondering their next move, or merely intrigued by the ever-evolving startup ecosystem, this episode promises fresh perspectives. Guided by Dhaval’s expertise, anticipate a comprehensive overview of today’s startup environment, its nuances, and strategies for thriving in it.

So, settle in for a deep dive with Dhaval Thanki as we journey together to demystify the hustle that is startups!


Welcome to a new episode of The Zista Podcast! Today, we’re focusing on the extensive and vibrant field of advertising, uncovering its varied roles and the paths it opens. Our goal is to present crucial insights that can aid listeners in traversing the ever-evolving advertising environment effectively. We are joined by Vigyan Verma, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience, who has enriched brands across domains like brand management, advertising, digital marketing, and business development in industries ranging from luxury to consumer technology.

Vigyan has contributed to the growth of notable brands Van Heusen, Nike, Britannia, Acer and Black Dog and held pivotal roles in prestigious organizations like JWT, Contract Advertising and DDB Mudra. His journey also features entrepreneurial endeavors, showcasing his diverse approach to the industry, including his consultancy, The Bottom Line, which emphasizes his multifaceted expertise.

This episode will explore the essence of advertising, covering varied career paths, essential skills, and the latest trends with Vigyan offering valuable advice and illuminating anecdotes for those keen to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Whether you’re new to advertising or aiming to enhance your existing knowledge, this episode promises to be a source of substantial insights and inspiring narratives. Join us and Vigyan Verma as we unravel the world of advertising on The Zista Podcast!



  • The rise of major tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook showcases the boundless potential that exists for students in today’s age of technology democratization.
  • Before diving into any career, one must identify their passions, strengths, and preferred work environments. Only when one aligns their job role with their intrinsic motivations can they find genuine fulfillment.
  • Beyond just identifying what you’re passionate about, understanding your working style and aligning it with a company’s culture and objectives is crucial.
  • While ideas are essential, the true value in a startup lies in the execution and the ability to bring those ideas to life.
  • Instead of fearing failures, embrace them as invaluable learning opportunities. In the startup world, it’s encouraged to learn quickly from mistakes and adapt accordingly.



Q1: What expert tips does Dhaval offer for recent graduates entering the startup world?

A: Dhaval emphasizes that we are in a unique era where technology democratization offers unparalleled opportunities. Years ago, one couldn’t imagine today’s top companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook holding their current positions. This shift underscores the limitless possibilities now available to students.

He believes the first step is self-awareness. Understand what you’re passionate about, whether it’s problem-solving, coding, content creation, or interacting with people. Today, armed with just a laptop and internet, one can transform this passion into a career—be it through freelancing, starting a business, or joining an organization.

However, while opportunities are abundant, it’s crucial to understand that every career path has its pros and cons. Beyond identifying your passion, you need to introspect and understand your working style. Do you prefer autonomy or thrive in a team setting? Can you align with a company’s objectives? These considerations are vital because there’s a risk of getting swept away by an enticing opportunity that might not align with your values or work preferences.

The cultural fit of an organization is as significant as the job role itself. Dhaval stresses that discovering the right work environment can be a journey. As you venture into different roles, your understanding of your strengths and preferred work culture will evolve. This self-awareness will guide you towards the best opportunities.

In the end, the key is to choose a path that resonates with your values and working style, whether it’s in a startup, SME, large corporation, or entrepreneurship. Dhaval cautions that any worthwhile endeavor will have challenges. The initial excitement of a role or venture might wane, revealing the demanding reality. The ability to persevere through these challenges hinges on genuine passion.

Dhaval’s parting words are a reminder to maintain discipline in one’s thought process. Determine what you truly enjoy and can endure. When one’s career aligns with passion and resilience, success in terms of job satisfaction, value creation, and overall life fulfillment follows. Remember, every career choice comes with its challenges. Consistent effort and commitment are vital to seeing genuine returns in both professional and personal spheres.


Q2: What essential startup-building tips are recommended for aspiring student entrepreneurs?

A: Drawing insights from esteemed management thinkers like Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler, and Michael Porter, Dhaval emphasizes a widely acknowledged truth: the heart of a startup isn’t solely about the initial idea but fundamentally about its execution. He elaborates that while anyone can conceive an idea—perhaps during a casual conversation or a moment of reflection—it’s the ability to bring that idea to life that really matters.

While a simple idea might not seem groundbreaking at first, a strong execution can pivot it, opening doors to other potentially successful ideas. This process requires persistence and perseverance since bringing an idea to life and finding its market fit isn’t a straightforward path.

Dhaval underscores the value of failures in this journey. In many cultures, failures are often looked down upon, but he believes that failures, especially early on, can be rich learning experiences. He cites that many celebrated entrepreneurs today faced setbacks in their early ventures. Yet, it was the insights and resilience garnered from these failures that paved their path to later successes.

In essence, if an idea genuinely resonates with you and you approach its execution with diligence and commitment, two outcomes are almost guaranteed: either you achieve success or you grow immensely from the experience.

Further, Dhaval notes an evolving entrepreneurial mindset in today’s world, where both entrepreneurs and venture capitalists recognize the educational value of failures. The mantra is to “fail fast.” By quickly learning from missteps and ensuring they’re not repeated, one broadens their perspective, eventually arriving at a combination that ensures success. It’s about being committed, understanding that mistakes are a part of the journey, and growing through each phase.

Podcast Host: Amit Ahuja, Associate Director, Communications & Digital, Zista Education
Podcast Guest: Dhaval Thanki, Executive Vice President, Loginext
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