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How do you build a career in music as an independent artist?

How do you build a career in music as an independent artist?

How do you build a career in music as an independent artist?

Welcome to another episode of The Zista Podcast, featuring Nikhil D’Souza. As an independent artist, Nikhil has made a mark in the music industry with his soulful voice. Establishing a prosperous music career as an independent artist may present challenges, yet it can be a fulfilling experience. If you’re unsure about how to get started, take cues from Nikhil D’Souza, who offers crucial advice to kick-start your journey as an independent artist.

Welcome to The Zista Podcast!

This episode features Nikhil D’Souza, a successful independent artist. He has 54,000+ followers on Instagram, 72,000+ followers on Facebook and 93,000+ followers on YouTube. Nikhil has a soulful voice, is a playback singer in Bollywood, and has traveled around the world with his music.

Key takeaways:

  • Independent artists can build a successful career by creating good music, building a fan base through social media, collaborating with other artists & brands, and networking.
  • Branding is crucial for setting artists apart and attracting a specific audience through music style, visual aesthetic, social media presence, and messaging.
  • To find their unique voice, artists should listen to good artists, emulate them, and look for different influences.
  • In today’s world, visual appearance plays a significant role in how people perceive an artist. Creating a distinct visual identity and having a stylist can help artists stand out.

Q: What careers can students explore within the music industry?

A: The music industry is a business, even though it starts off as a creative process. Different mediums have come into the picture, such as streaming, and the live music scene has exploded. This has brought in a range of career options for musicians across the spectrum. Personally, I do a lot of live performances, including college festivals, independent venues, and clubs. I have also sung for ads and played guitar as a session musician.

There are opportunities in producing music for TV shows and advertisements. Other career options include being a live sessions musician or a music composer / producer. A live session musician’s job is to master an instrument and perform in a studio, or at live shows. A producer’s career involves creating music for commercial projects. You are a composer, but you also create music to a brief.

Q: How can independent artists build a successful career in music?

A: Firstly, they should focus on creating good music and building a fan base through social media. They can also network with other musicians, perform at open mic nights, and submit their music to online platforms. Collaboration is also essential, whether it is with other artists, or producers. Collaborating with brands is another great way to get your music out there. It could be for a commercial or a brand’s social media campaign. Independent artists should approach brands that align with their values and musical style.

Q: How important is branding for independent artists?

A: Branding is crucial because it sets an artist apart from others. It includes everything from their music style, visual aesthetic, social media presence, and messaging. It helps create a consistent image and attracts a specific audience.

Q: What advice can you give to artists trying to find their unique voice?

A: Your unique style will come from you. Always know that. Listen to good artists, emulate them, move to another artist and emulate them, and then, you’ll hopefully be greater than the sum of your influences. Remember to look for different influences and never sound exactly like someone else.

Q: How important is visual appearance in the music industry?

A: Visual appearance is very important. In today’s world, the eyes are very much a part of how people perceive you. You need to step up and be a little more stylish. Create your own visual identity; get a stylist who can create a look for you. Your Instagram page or profile needs to have a look and feel that is distinctly you.

Podcast Host: Amit Ahuja, Associate Director, Communications & Digital, Zista Education
Podcast Guest: Nikhil D’Souza, Musician & Independent Artist
Video & Audio Editing: Raj Soni, Communications Associate, Zista Education
Podcast Manager: Russel Aldridge, Sr. Manager, Creative & Digital, Zista Education
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